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Custom Bar Coaster Printing


Your Own Unique Design

Send a message with unique and personalized bar coaster designs.
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Flexible Coaster Printing

Coast a Message offers flexible bar coaster printing which means customers can get up to twenty different images in a single case of bar coasters!
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Sustainable by Design

Coast a Message understands that environmental sustainability is a necessity. Our custom coasters are 100% recyclable as we print with only water based inks.
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Coaster Orders Big and Small

Small Batch Custom Coaster Printing Special/ 50 Coasters printed in full color, double-sided for only $50.00! Includes any design touch-up.
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Coaster Printing Done for Any Occasion


Promote your Brand or Event

Our coasters offer a flexible way to promote your brand, event, campaign, product, or message on any budget. Order up to 20 different designs per shipment and keep your customers on their feet as you leave them guessing what they’re going to see next. Coast a Message’s custom coaster printing gives your brand the ability to appeal to your target audience.

Coaster. Advertising Done Right

Coast a Message prints high quality coasters that you can use to get the word out about your business. Each coaster can be customized to have a different message for your customers. Coast a Message’s customizable templates allow us to know exactly what you want on your personalized coasters. We don’t just give you the ability to promote your business through recognizable ads, rather Coast a Message allows you to reach unique and captive audience through individually customized coasters.

Tie the Know with Custom Coaster Design

Weddings bring out the most elaborate and unique decorations. From glasses of champagne to cups of soda and bottles of beer, there are more than enough opportunities to share a customized message on the coasters underneath. Coast a Message offers you the opportunity to add a unique touch to your wedding with elaborate messages on custom coasters. Don’t worry, our wide array of designs will ensure that your custom designed coasters won’t clash with your decor. From simple designs with names and dates to more complex designs with pictures and quotes, Coast a Message will work alongside you to make the big day memorable.Unique Brand or Event Promotion

Coasters for Every Holiday

There’s certainly no shortage of holidays to celebrate. Utilizing custom features to create a sequence of holiday themed advertisements is a great solution for your business. Customer response is overwhelmingly positive when they are presented with a personal message. Both cost effective and unique, Coast a Message is the perfect way to promote your message during the holidays.Our coasters offer a unique and affordable way to promote your brands message, events, a new product, or a campaign. You can order up to 20 different designs per shipment and keep your customers guessing what they’re going to see next. Coast a Message can give your brand the ability to appeal to your target audience.

Collaborate on Coasters, Save Money

Collaboration is key and it just might save you some money when it comes to coaster printing. With Coast a Message’s Coaster Sharing Program, small businesses and groups can order custom coasters at a reduced price. How? Our team searches for a compatible partner. Once we find a partner, we design coasters that cross promote both brands. You save money and get to promote your brand with a uniquely designed coaster. We’re passionate about community and that’s just another reason we’re proud to build strong links between small businesses.

Saving the Planet, One Custom Coaster at a Time

Our coaster printing is done using 90% post-consumer material, water based inks, and is both 100% compostable and recyclable. We’ve partnered with Missouri-based Forest ReLeaf to plant a tree for every 7,000 coasters we print. Coast a Messages Sustainable Coast Program is the driving force between our passion for the planet and environmental responsibility. Yep, our coasters plant trees!

Our Pledge to Environmental Responsibility

Through our partnership with Forest ReLeaf, Coast a Message has planted 5,500 trees and counting. This partnership has allowed us to stay true to a pledge that has resulted in a variety of benefits to poor and inner city neighborhoods and communities. Local volunteers plant the trees on public property and foster their growth over the next few years. Forest ReLeaf has planted nearly 100,000 trees since 1994.

Get Inspired! Here’s Five Awesome Ways to Use Custom Printed Coasters

Custom designed coasters are a practical, affordable, and unique way to effectively deliver your message to customers, friends, and family. To make the decision on which package to go with, we’ve gathered up the four top uses for Coast a Message personalized coasters.

Bar Coasters & Advertisements

Branding is such an important aspect of bars, restaurants, and other small businesses. Set yourself apart from the competition and advertise with personalized coasters. Coasters are a unique, inexpensive, and effective way to communicate with customers.

This short list is just the beginning of how personalized coasters can be used. Popular designs we’ve printed at Coast a Message include quotes, family pictures, reminders, and artwork. With Coast a Message’s custom coaster printing, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Wedding Coasters

Once you’ve confirmed specifics with the caterer, the florist, the venue, and the live band, we’re still not quite done. No wedding is complete without commemorative coasters. There’s going to be glasses of champagne at each table, beer bottles, and other concoctions during the reception. Coast a Message allows you to design elaborate or simple coasters for that special day. From pictures of the newlyweds to sophisticated text, celebrate your big day with a custom printed coaster.

Party Coasters

So you’ve gotten everything ready to go. You’ve confirmed specifics with your guests, you’ve bought the snacks, and you’ve just finished tidying up the place. Now it’s time for one of the final touches, your own personalized coasters. Maybe you’re watching a big game or a new film. Coast a Message can print the logo of your favorite sports team or a memorable quote from a movie. Once you’ve set out the coasters, sit back and enjoy the party!
Network Passwords

Pretty much everyone dreads having to ask for the Wi-Fi password. Stop fumbling with the router to look for that insanely random password. Put network passwords on a personalized coaster. Whether you’re a business owner or you just enjoy having friends over, stop the Wi-Fi password madness. Print the Wi-Fi password on a coaster and you’ll never get that annoying question ever again.

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