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The 1 Thing Every Wedding Coffee Bar Needs to Have

It’s wedding season! When you get down to it, coffee and weddings are both pretty amazing, so it is no surprise that wedding coffee bar ides have been popping up all over our Pinterest boards. Besides a stunning display and a lot of coffee, every wedding coffee bar needs personalized wedding sleeves around guests’ cups…. Read More

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Who We Are and How It All Started

While the business of printing itself is still choking on the trail of dust left by the fast-forward digital age, in the last four years, Sleeve a Message has made digital printing a viable strategy in a world dominated by social media. Based in Saint Louis, MO, Sleeve a Message has developed an up-to-the-minute printing… Read More

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Espresso Yourself with Custom Coffee Sleeves

Expressing yourself has never been easier! Sleeve a Message has developed a unique up-to-the-minute printing process that enables coffee shops to keep their custom drink sleeves new and exciting. Unlike most printing services, Sleeve a Message has no ordering minimum and has reduced the industry standard lead time from four weeks to only seven business… Read More

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Building a Partnership and Educating a Community

On November 14, Sleeve a Message (SaM) and Washington University Dining Services in partnership with Bon Appetit Management Company in conjunction with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri planted 31 trees on Washington University’s main campus as part of Sleeve a Message’s Sustainable Sleeve Program. Designed to preserve the earth’s natural resources, the program is composed of… Read More

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SleeveaMessage’s Patented Sleeve Design

SleeveaMessage’s patented sleeve design allows coffee shops to seamlessly brand both sides of their custom sleeves. Traditional coffee sleeves have an interrupting seam on one side of the sleeve­ often causing the branding on this side of the sleeve to appear disjointed and sloppy. With Sleeve a Message’s patented sleeve design both sides of the… Read More

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Relevant Messages – Captive and Flexible – Variable Messaging – Target Valuable Consumers

Are your coffee sleeves making the impact you want? Frustrated by large minimum orders? Tired of storing excessive amounts of coffee sleeves? Sleeve a Message has developed a unique up-to-the minute printing process that enables coffee shops to keep their drink sleeve messaging timely and relevant. Unlike most printing services, SleeveaMessage has no ordering minimum… Read More

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A Beautiful Partnership…

Going Green… Going Green, although trendy, has a variety of benefits for coffee shop owners. Applying green processes to the workplace creates a healthy environment for employees, reduces unnecessary waste, and gives coffee shops like yours a leading role in creating social change. A variety of reasons exist for local coffee shops, like yours, that… Read More

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