Church Coffee: How To Start A Café In Your Church


Should the church be starting businesses to advance its mission?


We at Sleeve a Message have noticed a growing trend – Churches opening coffee shops. Christian Today recently reported, that the connection between the coffee shop and the church represents a growing trend of churches advancing their mission through for-profit businesses.

Getting Started:

There is a lot to consider when planning the set up of a church coffee shop. Whether you are planning to setup shop within your church are at a separate location Kyle Pierpont, Pastor at Ada Bible Church, has some helpful tips:

  1. Have a visions that is bigger than just coffee.
  2. Serve rather than self-serve.
  3. Do it right by doing coffee well.
  4. Work with what you have.
  5. Once you have everything in place – Go for it!

Don’t forget the coffee sleeves! 

Sleeve a Message works with a lot of church cafes in North America and Canada.

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