Corrugated vs Embossed Sleeves: Which Is Right For Me?

Sleeve A Message

At Sleeve a Message, we offer four basic types of coffee sleeves: kraft corrugated, white corrugated, kraft embossed, and white embossed. Depending on your preference and the intricacy of your design, you’ll want to decide if you like the natural brown look of the kraft sleeve or the bright and sleek appearance of a white sleeve. Of course if you’re on the fence or have questions about the advantages to either, our designers would be happy to steer you toward kraft or white.

But how do you choose between corrugated vs embossed? And more importantly, what are they? Allow us to shine a little light on those distinctions.

What are Corrugated Sleeves?

Much like a corrugated cardboard box, our corrugated sleeves are made from two layers of kraft or white paper depending on your selection. Also, referred to as single face e-flute, the outer layers are smooth while the inner layer is corrugated or bent into small and even ridges. And just as it does in the world of packaging and shipping, this “fluted: layer offers added insulation to the finished product.

Corrugated Sleeve Advantages

Depending on your custom design, you might find it advantageous to go with a corrugated option as it provides a smooth, flat surface on which your design is sure to stand out (especially in white). Because of their additional layers, corrugated sleeves are thicker than their embossed counterparts. In addition, that corrugated layer adds a bit more depth to the sleeve and thus more insulation between your hand and the hot cup. The fluted ridges creates a path for the heat of the hot beverage to “escape.”

What Are Embossed Sleeves?

To emboss something means to stamp or press a design into a material. Think of the quilted patterns in paper towels, decorative designs in paper napkins, or the raised logo in a fancy business card for example. Embossed coffee sleeves are basically the same thing. Our line of embossed sleeves features a classic diamond pattern that is satisfying in both appearance and touch. Heat vents through the pattern to enhance insulation.

Embossed Sleeve Advantages

Perhaps the biggest advantage to embossed over corrugated is the cost. Our line of embossed sleeves is a BIT more cost effective as compared to comparable corrugated options. The raised diamond pattern provides for a better grip as well as reduced transfer of heat. Another key advantage to embossed sleeves is simply that they’re simply more unique and offer a little extra 3-D flair to your custom sleeve design.

Which is better?

Of course if you ever have questions or hesitations surrounding the design of your custom coffee sleeve, feel free to drop us a line and our experienced sleeve designers can help you choose the sleeve option that is right for you. And rest assured, we will always alert you if we feel a design choice will not translate well to a specific product. It is our goal to make sure your sleeve’s message is being delivered loud and clear every single time, and we’ll do everything within our power to create a product that exceeds your expectations.

For more information on our line of kraft corrugated sleeves, white corrugated sleeves, kraft embossed sleeves, or white embossed sleeves, or for tips in designing your custom sleeves, visit the following links or contact us.