Coasting Through The Seasons


Fall is finally here and the seasons are beginning to change, replacing shorts and sun block with pumpkin spice treats. Cooler weather means it’s also the perfect time for coffee shops, restaurants, and taverns to switch up their menus. Aside from word of mouth, it can be difficult for local establishments to get the word out about seasonal changes and end of summer sales.

Fortunately, custom coasters go hand-in-hand with refreshments and variable printing means you can switch up your designs every day of the week, or plan ahead for upcoming events and special offers. Luckily, variable printing can save the day and help spread the news about your seasonal changes.


  • Custom coasters are a simple way of making your drinking environment more festive for the fall. As your drink menu begins to increasingly reflect the changing weather, custom coasters are the perfect way to introduce new fall offerings to curious customers. Include pictures and menu pairings to guarantee your newest creations are irresistible.  

  • With all of the new drink ingredients coming in, you may find yourself overstocked with summer products that need to move before they are fully out of season, forcing you to take a loss. Fortunately, variable coaster orders are the perfect medium to communicate clearance-level specials on summer items to consumers. Drive sales all while making room for new products; it’s a win-win. But it doesn’t stop with winter. Repeat this strategy every season to avoid ever feeling overstocked or out of the loop.

Variable printing on coffee sleeves or coasters is an ideal feature for all seasons, and all occasions. Without the limitations normally placed on per-order artwork, your strategies are only limited by your own imagination and creativity.

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