*IMPORTANT:* Due to unusually high order volume and supply chain delays, production lead time is currently exceeding the typical 7 business day turnaround.
We are currently running at approximately 15 business days (3 weeks) for digitally printed sleeves and coasters.

Flexo Printed Sleeves

Sleeve a Message is proud to announce the installation of a new printing press in 2019, which enables us to offer new coffee sleeve decorating capabilities! Customers can look forward to a lower cost, better fit, and higher quality print on our flexographically printed sleeves. Our friendly team is excited to assist you in unleashing the full potential of your beverage sleeves.

The new printing press has opened a world of possibilities for sleeve decorating:

  • Edge-to-edge ink coverage (full bleed)
  • PMS color matching
  • White Ink (on Kraft paper stock)
  • Metallic ink
  • Neon ink
  • Up to 7 spot colors or finishes, or process color
  • Backprint (on the inside of the sleeve!)
  • Superior print quality
  • Slimmer fit on cups

Digital vs Flexo Printing: Product Comparison

PRICE$.059 - $.091$.0475- $.1121*
TURNAROUND*7 business days*4 weeks
VARIABLE PRINTYes, up to 20 designs.Yes, up to 4 designs.
INKWater Based, UVWater Based, UV
PAPERKraft & WhiteKraft & White
MIN. ORDERNo Minimum*12,000
QTY PER TRAY/CASE120/1800160/1800

* Price may exceed stated range depending on requested ink colors or specialty finishes. Digital and flexograpic turnaround times are initiated by receipt of payment and artwork approval. Digital orders do NOT have a minimum order quantity but will incur a $25 split case fee if less than, or outside of our standard packaging quantity (1800 per case). Email us if you are interested in non-standard package quantities. 

Order Information


  • 5 case minimum
  • 2400 sleeves/case
  • Price breaks available at 10, 20, and 54 cases.


  • Turnaround time: 4 weeks from payment receipt and artwork approval.
  • Flexo sleeve orders are subject to 10% over/under allowance. Orders will be
    charged according to the final quantity of sleeves produced within this allowance.
  • Full coverage of entire sleeve available.


  • Metallic, neon, and premium inks are subject to higher pricing.
  • One plate required per spot color. 

Our designers work with Adobe CC, and the ordering process is the easiest if you provide vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator with type outlined and images embedded. Raster artwork may present printing limitations and must be provided as a .psd, packaged with fonts and linked images. If you’d like to have artwork created, custom design services are available at a rate of $35 per hour, prorated to the quarter hour.


The design template and specs can be found here.

1. How do I decide between digitally printed and flexographically printed sleeves?

Please refer to our handy Product Comparison table, which highlights the key differences between our Flexo and Digital Sleeves. Think about the following questions.

Are you looking for the shortest lead time? Our Digital sleeves are printed and shipped within 7 business days of payment and test print approval. Lead time for Flexo sleeves is 4 weeks, after payment and final design approval.

How much space do you have to store your sleeves? Our minimum order for Flexo sleeves is 5 cases (12,000 sleeves). There is no minimum order quantity for Digital sleeves. We do not currently offer to warehouse the product for our customers, so if you are tight on storage space, then Digital sleeves might be ideal.

Do you like the idea of changing your design frequently, or printing up to 20 different designs per order? Many of our Digital sleeve customers like to change up their sleeve design several times throughout the year, and also enjoy our variable print option which allows for up to 20 different designs per order. Our Flexo sleeves require printing plates, so changing the design requires purchasing new plates. Flexo sleeves can use variable printing, too, up to 4 different sleeve designs per order.

2. What is “full bleed” printing?

Full bleed printing means that the surface of the medium can be entirely covered with ink, edge-to-edge. Our customers have been asking for this for a long time, and we are pleased to say it is finally an option with our Flexo sleeves. You want a black sleeve with a reversed out design? We can do that. You want sleeves flood coated a certain color, and your logo printed over it? We can do that.

3. What is backprint?

Backprinting is a feature that allows us to print on the inside of the sleeves (the side that hugs the cup). Have you ever thought of running a “Golden Ticket” style promotion or giveaway? We can help you accomplish this! You could hide a winning “ticket” on the inside of the sleeve, and engage your customers even more.

4. I have been buying Digital sleeves from Sleeve a Message. Should I consider switching to Flexo sleeves?

Yes! In addition to the awesome new possibilities of our Flexo sleeves, it is possible that switching to this sleeve could save you money. We will happily break down a cost comparison for you, and help you evaluate whether this might be a good move. Keep in mind, switching to Flexo sleeves does require plate fees for initial set up, has a longer lead time, and a higher minimum order. Request a quote to receive a cost comparison!

5. Are the Flexo sleeves eco-friendly?

Yes! Just like our Digital sleeve product, our Flexo sleeves are fully recyclable, and are commercially compostable.

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