11 Gifts for the Coffee Lover In Your Life

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Finding the perfect gift for the coffee-obsessed friend, co-worker, or family member can be a lot of fun if you just know where to look. Fortunately, shopping for coffee accessories is a major weakness of ours. So we decided to share some of our favorite coffee lover gifts for this holiday season.

Coffee Passport Journal 

For the traveling coffee aficionado, this book is the perfect companion to document expeditions one cup at a time. The passport-sized book allows the user to keep tabs on every java-related experience as they sample the world’s roasteries and independent shops.

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Of course for the coffee lover who can’t just jet off to Italy or Brazil for a cup of joe, might we suggest delivering the goods right to their front door. There are many coffee subscription services out there, but we absolutely love Atlas Coffee Club. Packages start at just $55 and each delivery includes the coffee, brewing recommendations, and a postcard from its country of origin.

Personalized Coffee Mug

Are we all in agreement how cute these mugs are? Simply design your custom avatar, enter your name, and receive the perfect mug that is distinctly “you”. Go ahead and order for the whole family while you’re at it!

Starbucks Holiday Bundle

At this point, the Starbucks Holiday Blend is just as much a part of the season as Santa Claus and claymation TV specials. As is tradition, the complete Starbucks set is available in a festive package deal that includes two kinds of K-Cup Pods and delicious cookie straws. The bundle retails for just $25.99.

“Coffee Around The World” Art Print

Admittedly not for everyone, I can’t help but love this decorative (and informative) art print and I want it hanging in my kitchen, like, right now. And if this isn’t your thing, just do a bit more digging on Etsy. We are obsessed with their coffee-themed collections! 

The World Atlas of Coffee: From Beans to Brewing

There are many books about the history and heritage of coffee, and we’re not going to pretend to have read them all. So until we do, might we recommend this literal world atlas of coffee from around the globe. You’re sure to learn a thing or two.

Death Wish Coffee: The World’s Strongest Coffee

We admit, we haven’t tried this one (yet). But the claim of being the “world’s strongest coffee” has our curiosity genuinely piqued. The coffee is USDA certified organic and packs enough caffeine to warrant its own warning label. At less than $20 for a pound of ground coffee, it might just be worth it.

Freehand Luggage Travel Cup Holder

A friend sent this link my way thinking I’d get a chuckle out of such an amusing novelty gift. But the joke’s on her as this product is no gag (and yes, I bought it). Having a free hand without having to give up my coffee will make parading through crowded airports at least a little more bearable.

MilkPro Milk Frother

If you prefer your coffee a little heavy on the foam, and aren’t lucky enough to live inside of a coffee shop, then you need this tool in your arsenal. In just 15 seconds, you’ll have barista-quality frothy coffee made right in your own kitchen.

Heat-Activated Mug

Not sure where you stand on the whole novelty gift idea, but this guy was too cool to not include. Turn a “sleepy” mug into an “awake” mug by filling it with piping hot coffee. How else, right?

Starbucks Gift Card

Is it simple and a little obvious? Absolutely. Does that make it any less of a great gift for a coffee lover? Of course not.

Have anything you want to add? Just shoot us a message! We’d love to hear your suggestions as well.