Ways to Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve This Valentine’s Day


Even though it’s supposed to be a holiday that celebrates love, there’s something almost every couple dreads about Valentine’s Day – the gifts. What’s appropriate? Do I need to get flowers? Chocolate? A card? Almost everything feels cliché. Obviously you can’t give ALL of your customers a dozen roses or a box of chocolates, but what about something with more persona for your customers? And unique? A customized beverage sleeve can be the thin, sustainable cardboard way to warm even the coldest of hearts. Here a five different ways to wear your heart on your sleeve this Valentine’s Day.


Pick Up Line Sleeves

Every great relationship had to start somewhere. And sometimes that somewhere is a cheesy pick-up line. Customize your beverage sleeves with lines your customers can use to make their crush or significant other swoon with joy or suffer from pun-induced cringes.

Love Story Sleeves

The best love stories deserve to be retold over and over and over again. And there’s no better way to be reminded of how some famous or infamous couples came together. Use our variable printing options to tell a story over a series of sleeves and keep your customers coming back to get the next installment!

Add Some Love To Your Logo

Sometimes you need to get your entire business ready for a holiday.  Our custom design studio can help you put together a custom design for your brand to remind your customers how much they appreciate you every time they set pick up their drink.

Carving so-and-so loves such-and-such into a tree is pretty old school. Nowadays, you can customize and replicate the time-honored tradition of declaring your love in something a little bit less massive – a beverage sleeve. With a large variety of fonts and additional flourishes, it’ll probably look a little bit more romantic than a scraggly tree carving.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to paralyze those afraid of gift giving. Any of the customizable beverage sleeve options give you a unique way to celebrate your customers. Check out our gallery for inspiration and get started on your custom design today.

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