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Coffee Sleeve Advertising

Sleeve a Message provides a medium that offers brands the ability to approach a captive audience of active consumers. If you are looking for a way to place your brand directly in front of a wide range of potential customers, consider the following:

  • Our unique printing capabilities allow for faster lead times and low minimum orders, which allows you to deliver more relevant messages to your target audience.
  • We offer variable messaging, which keeps a consumer curious to see what their coffee sleeve will say next, and ​allows you to promote multiple products, services, or locations simultaneously.​ ​Our printing process enables you to include up to 20 different designs per case.

Cafe consumers spend an average of 49 minutes with their to-go cups.

The coffee sleeve will be visible, not only to the person who purchased the drink, but to others in a work or social setting also. On average, 6 other individuals will be exposed to the sleeve messaging on a single cup.

65% of people who view the sleeve recall the message the following day. Take advantage of our variable printing option to circulate multiple messages at once, and avert “banner blindness”.

Engage your captive audience further and expand the reach of your ad by including QR codes, social media, and driving traffic to your website.

How it works:

If you are interested in advertising on beverage sleeves or coasters, please fill out this form​ to provide us with some basic information. We will get in touch to gather more details from you, and cover Where/What/When you want to advertise. We will then reach out to our established network of cafes and drink retailers to locate willing participants who meet the criteria for your target audience.

The advertiser gets one side of the sleeve or coaster, and the cafe gets to use the other side for their own branding. Participating cafes are incentivized to accept advertiser messaging, as it subsidizes their sleeve or coaster cost. ​T​he cafe/retailer gets final approval of the advertisement, since it will be circulated in their establishment.

Advertising available in select cities.
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