Bring In The New Year With Custom Coasters


New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are a time when patrons pour into bars, pubs, and taverns to down drink specials as they celebrate new beginnings (and make resolutions they won’t follow through with). Owners can’t afford to wait until the week of to let the locals know their bar is the place to be. Now is the perfect time to begin getting the word out about any New Year’s events and specials to ensure the largest crowd on one of the biggest party nights of the year.

Coasters are a staple of any bar, with most places only branding themselves or their best sellers, but why not be a bit more creative?  After all, folks usually know what they’re drinking and where they are already, right?  

Coast-A-Message makes it easy to switch up your coaster’s messages for any event, with variable printing. Variable printing allows owners to submit a bulk order for coasters with a variety of designs or offerings. Now is the perfect time to order coasters with different promotional messages describing any drink specials or party details for your bar’s big night. In the same order, you can promote your daily or seasonal drinks specials leading up to the day. With variable printing, the only limitation is your imagination.

Our 7-day shipping and delivery guarantee means you can go from design, to online order, to receiving your coasters a week or less, so you have ample time to create buzz about your NYE bash.

For more information about how variable printing can help you promote your business, visit us ONLINE or call us at 1-877-SLEEVE-6.