When you buy SaM sleeves, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri Plants a Tree! It’s that simple!

Sleeve a Message partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri is a beautiful thing

Sleeve a Message partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri is a beautiful thing

To ensure the most sustainable production practices Sleeve a Message (SaM) has a established a special partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri (FRM) helping us meet our goal of producing the most sustainable product on the market. The driving belief behind SaM’s partnership with FRM is that when you use a tree you should plant a tree.  SaM has calculated out how roughly many trees are used to make a certain amount of sleeves. With this information SaM buys a seedling for every 7,000 sleeve it sells. Each of these trees are incubated for roughly 2 years by FRM to ensure a success rate of over 99%.  This way, every time you purchase 7000 sleeves, a tree is planted in an effort to both return the paper pulp consumed and beautify the neighborhoods that need it.

FRM is a non-profit organization that was started in 1993 as a way to help the reforesting effort and to encourage tree planting. The organization focuses on getting community involvement in the care and planning of trees and forests. FRM offers a range of activities from creating educational opportunities to providing trees for the public.  It is an organization that SaM is be proud to be in partnership with and one we hope you will be proud to work with as well.

In recent years there have been an increase in products claiming to be green, when in actuality they are far from it.  When you work with SaM you know that not only is the product you are receiving made out of the best post-consumer material, but also their partnership with FRM gives a credible claim and takes tangible environmental action by planting and protecting trees.  These sleeves allow you to provide your customer with a product that is environmentally focused with our sacrificing design or quality.