Create Customer Loyalty at Your Coffee Shop (and Increase Your Sales)


Loyalty Programs….

Loyalty programs seem to be everywhere these days. Visit any consumer business, whether it’s a coffee shop, a clothing store or a gas station, and there’s a good chance you’ll be asked to sign up for some kind of rewards program. It could be a simple punch card that offers a freebie after a certain number of visits or a program that gives special perks to certain loyal customers.

It’s no surprise that so many businesses, large and small, have introduced loyalty programs in recent years. Studies show that such programs reap rewards for the businesses by helping to spark repeat business and increase overall sales. A 2012 study by Customer Insight Group, Inc., for example, found that 12-15% of consumers are loyal to single retailers, but they represent between 55-70% of sales.

Loyalty Points…

A 2014 report by the Boston Consulting Group, BCG, showed that loyalty programs that only offer customer discounts are not generally as effective as those that give customer loyalty points that can be accumulated and redeemed later on. “A point-based system,” BCG writes, “gives a business more ability to pace how quickly customers reach reward levels, the luxury of a floating currency that the company controls, and a simple means for expanding the number of reward mechanisms.”

Creating a Loyalty Program…

Coffee shops might be hesitant to start their own loyalty program due to cost. Sleeve a Message can help! Instated of purchasing expensive loyalty cards or subscribing to a loyalty app – Why not put the loyalty program on your coffee sleeves?Blogpost2_July2015 (1)

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