Hand Out Branded Coasters At Your Next Trade Show


As your team begins planning out its events calendar for 2019, consider handing out company branded coasters at your next trade show. With hundreds to perhaps thousands of people attending your industry’s most prominent and important events, this is a great opportunity to put your sales message in front of show attendees. Here are a few reasons why branded coasters are a great option for your next trade show booth promotional item.

● We’ve all been there…you attend an industry trade show and at the end of the day, your swag bag is overflowing with pens, post-its, and other items you’ll likely leave in your hotel room before heading home. Branded coasters are a way to stand out from the crowd by providing show attendees with an item that they can actually use. Make sure to prominently include your company’s logo and contact information, along with a compelling sales message or offer, to further encourage them to hang on to your coaster. Providing a ‘show special’ to be redeemed at a later date is another way to encourage attendees to keep your company branded coaster on hand.
● Coasters allow for a highly targeted marketing message geared directly to your show’s best prospects. Consider providing a special offer only for folks who attend the show–utilize a unique phone number, email address, or QR code to track how many leads you receive from the trade show. You could even conduct some A/B testing by handing out coasters with two different offers to see which performs better, providing your sales team with valuable intel for future marketing efforts.
● Hosting morning coffees and afternoon happy hours at your booth is a perfect way to engage with your customers and prospects in a laid-back setting. Be sure to hand each person a branded coaster along with their drink. As your team spends time chatting with each attendee, they’ll continually be seeing your company logo and brand messaging.

Branded coasters will help your business stand out from your competitors, promote any show specials you might be offering, and provide an item of value that show attendees will hang on to. This is a cost-effective way to promote your business in a very specific manner to your target audience. Browse our custom coasters and discover how branded coasters to help make your next trade show a huge success!