Meet Sleeve a Message’s Newest Team Member


Sleeve a Message, a manufacturing company specializing in the production of custom-made beverage sleeves, announced today that it has hired Zachary Goldstein as its new Southern Account Executive. In this new role, Mr. Goldstein will cover Houston, Texas and lead Sleeve a Message’s southern regional operations.

Mr. Goldstein has won multiple awards during his previous tenure at Enterprise Holdings where he managed several locations in the greater Houston area. In 2013, Goldstein won Enterprise Holding’s award of accumulating the most fiscal growth in a financial year. Goldstein’s experience includes specialization in the hospitality industry as well as supervision of development and maintenance of corporate operations. A young and upcoming leader, Mr. Goldstein brings a strategic focus to the southern operations for Sleeve a Message.

“We’re excited about Zach joining Sleeve a Message. His corporate experience and academic background in hospitality create a very specific set of skills that we were looking for in our company’s southern expansion. His outpouring of enthusiasm makes him an ideal member of the team,” says David Dresner, CEO of Sleeve a Message.

“David is a businessman who sees possibilities and Houston has a thriving coffee shop culture. As David Dresner continues to grow and expand the company, I look forward to contributing to that growth by implementing its southern regional operations,” says Zachary Goldstein.

Mr. Goldstein received a bachelor’s of science in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston.