Opera Theatre of Saint Louis And Sleeve A Message Partner With Local Business To Attract A New Audience


Are you someone who thinks opera often only attracts an older, more refined, and often wealthier crowd? Well we’d like to tell you that these stereotypes are completely false. Don’t believe us? Check your coffee sleeve!

This May and June, Opera Theatre of Saint Louis (OTSL) is challenging preconceived notions about this age-old form of entertainment through its efforts to attract a young and diverse crowd from all walks of life to enjoy a six-week festival of picnicking, socializing, and world class performances.

How can the opera reach this growing, young audience? What better way than by going straight to some of the best hangouts for young people in the city: coffee shops. Sleeve a Message is proud to announce that, together with a network of local coffee shops, we are part of an advertising campaign for the OTSL, driving audiences to a new microsite (www.operastories.org) that helps a new audience think about opera in new ways.  A sequence of custom printed coffee sleeves are available at participating coffee shops/cafes. This sequence is designed to highlight the best of OTSL, break down preconceived notions about opera, and spark interest in the artform. This brand awareness campaign is also supported by a digital campaign and other unexpected out-of-home advertising placements.


“At Opera Theatre of Saint Louis we are always looking for creative ways to meet prospective new audiences where they are. We are delighted to be partnering this year with Sleeve a Message to help reach audiences at coffee shops across the St. Louis region,” explained Joe Gfaller, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Opera Theatre of Saint Louis.

This dynamic campaign can currently be found in participating Saint Louis coffee shops including Northwest Coffee (Clayton), Northwest Coffee (CWE), Hartford Cafe, Shaw’s Coffee, and Meshuggah Cafe. Jen Kaslow of Meshuggah Cafe is a proud sponsor of this creative campaign, writing, “Opera Theatre of Saint Louis and Meshuggah Cafe [are] where art, community, and food come together.”

OTSL’s 2017 festival runs from May 20 to June 25, and features four productions in rotating repertory. During the season there are 7 Young Friends events, featuring open bar and dinner buffet along with a ticket to the opera for $49. On Friday nights, OTSL offers “TGIF Opera,” a post-show party featuring live music and boozy ice cream int he OTSL gardens. More information is available at www.ExperienceOpera.org. Or visit the microsite at www.operastories.org.