Sleeve a Message CEO and Washington University Alum Help Create a Greener St. Louis


David Dresner, founder and CEO of Sleeve a Message and Coast a Message, graduated from Washington University’s Olin Business School in 2010. Mr. Dresner remains fiercely committed to supporting both Washington University and the city of St. Louis.

On November 3, Sleeve a Message, along with Bon Appétit and Washington University in St. Louis, held a tree planting ceremony at Dresner’s alma mater to further his dedication to the environment and the community. Incredibly, this ceremony represents Sleeve a Message’s 137th tree planted on campus. The campus planting continues to be a great symbol of sustainable business practices. Sleeve a Message has planted over 20,000 trees in collaborative efforts with the Forest ReLeaf of Missouri since implementing the environmental sustainability program.

“This ceremony represented a great opportunity for me to give back to the University and the city where I got my start,” said Dresner. “I believe we can all make a difference, and create a better St. Louis for all of us to enjoy.”


Sleeve a Message is a St. Louis-based company that develops custom coffee sleeves for many well-known companies across North America including Bon Appétit, Whole Foods, Restoration Hardware, Hulu, Target, Progressive Insurance, Au Bon Pan, and Volkswagen USA. Sleeve a Message plants a tree for every 7,000 sleeves manufactured to offset its carbon footprint.

“Bon Appétit at Wash U is proud to partner with Sleeve a Message to provide coffee sleeves in an environmentally responsible manner. We are excited to once again participate in this tree planting event on campus, not only to help offset the impact our coffee sleeve use has on the environment but also to add more trees to an already beautiful campus,” says Bob Marx, General Manager at Washington University for Bon Appetit.

Sleeve a Message’s trees are always native species to Missouri and grown locally, typically in Creve Coeur. The company looks forward to further expanding this initiative in the future. When the company isn’t planting trees at Washington University, it also focuses on distressed cities surrounding the St. Louis metropolitan area. When the devastating tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri in 2011, Sleeve a Message planted thousands of trees with the Forest ReLeaf of Missouri in an effort to revitalize the community.

For more information contact Liz Sharpe-Taylor at 314-542-0400 or at [email protected].