Sleeve a Message CEO Gives Back With New Scholarship For Students With Need


Founder and CEO of Sleeve a Message and Coast a Message creates a $20,000 dollar scholarship to aid students attending Washington University’s Olin Business School.

The cost of tuition at our Nation’s top business schools has increased over the last six years. To make a quality education affordable and give back to the St. Louis Community, CEO David Dresner created the scholarship specifically for business students from the St. Louis metropolitan area with significant financial need.

“You shouldn’t have to suffer loads of debt just because you are pursuing a quality education,” stated Dresner. “Helping the next generation helps all of us in St. Louis. Giving back to the community is one part of our sustainable business model.”

Sleeve a Message and Coast a Message St. Louis-based companies that currently develops custom coffee attire and coasters for many well-known companies across North America including Bon Appetit, Dark Matter, Whole Foods, Restoration Hardware, Hulu, Target, Dogwood Coffee Company, Progressive Insurance, Au Bon Pan, Lavazza, and Volkswagen USA. Sleeve a Message and Coast a Message’s unique commitment to sustainable social practices has earned it a reputation for continued service to the community.

“David is passionate about his commitment to the St. Louis community and supporting efforts that strengthen the region. Working with David to create this scholarship has been an absolute pleasure. We are grateful for his work, and we’re proud to call him our alumni,” stated K.C. Cortinovis Friedrich, Senior Associate Director of Development at Washington University’s Olin Business School.

For more information about the Washington University Scholarship, contact Liz Sharpe-Taylor at 315-542-0400 or at [email protected]. For more information about David Dresner and Sleeve a Message or Coast a Message, please visit or