Tune In To The Hottest Music Festivals With Custom Coffee Sleeves


Every year around this time, music artists begin promoting their summer album releases with festival tours across the country. These festivals are an ideal opportunity for the big names to boost sales while also being a great opportunity for local acts to get in on the action. Promoters are scrambling to find inventive ways to get their artists’ names out there in a constantly evolving market. Most go with traditional, archaic forms of advertising such as radio spots, fliers, and social media ads that often don’t reach their target audience.

Coffee shops on the other hand are often times beacons of neighborhoods. A local coffee shop is the perfect common ground to directly communicate with a neighborhood’s residents making custom printed sleeves the perfect canvas for messages about music festivals and local events. Advertising on coffee sleeves allows you to the reach a captive customer base that frequents their local coffee shop. Additionally, patrons of these shops are often on the go, meaning the messages can circulate beyond the coffee shops to the subways, offices, parks, and everything in between.

As coffee drinkers come in and out of the establishment in the days leading up to the event(s), more and more of them will be informed of important details. This not only serves the purpose of providing a platform for the promoters, but it sets up the coffee shop as a hub of local information. The promotional value of posting other events like “Taste of (City)” on your sleeves extends the coffee shop’s value to the community itself, both as a social hub and as a place that is truly connected to the culture of the city in which it resides.

For more information about ordering custom sleeves for your local coffee shop, or if you’re a promoter looking to establish a relationship with one, visit our website or call 1-877-SLEEVE-6 for more information.