Upgrade these 11 Occasions with Personalized Coasters


Personalized coasters are a staple of events big and small, and one of the most cost-effective ways to deliver your message to friends, family and potential customers. While you might not be neglecting the place of coasters in the events you’re hosting, you might be underestimating the possibilities of using personalized coasters. After you’ve laid out the spread for the event you’re hosting, complete your decorative touches by adding custom coasters for the event.

Coasters are 100% recyclable, unlike a lot of other party favors or decorations, and they help protect your home, business or rental space by protecting tabletop surfaces from moisture damage caused by beverages. Here are a few ways you can incorporate personalized coasters into your next event, gathering or holiday party.

Personalized Wedding Coasters

Weddings are one of the most popular events for personalized coasters, and for good reason. They’re extremely decorative and personalized events, and that personalization goes right down to the coasters guests are using while in attendance. With multiple beverage stations at your cocktail hour or reception, there are plenty of opportunities for the use of personalized wedding coasters, and the options for messaging on your coasters are limitless.

Personalized wedding coasters are an opportunity to add a festive touch with a touching message or image that matches the wedding’s theme or décor. You could also choose a more commemorative option for your personalized wedding coasters by including yours and your partner’s name and wedding date, or a selection from your vows. You could include fun facts or trivia about your relationship, such as how long you’ve been together, weird traditions you have and more.

Another popular choice for personalized wedding coasters are to include blank lines on the coaster, with a message encouraging guests to leave a few words of advice or congratulations to the happy couple. The filled-in coasters make a useful (and unique) memento for the newlyweds.

If you’re using a wedding hashtag to encourage your guests to share images on social media, adding the hashtag to your personalized wedding coasters is a great way to keep the hashtag fresh in your guests’ minds, especially as the drinks start flowing. You could also use personalized coasters to help guests remember which table they’re seated at. With personalized wedding coasters, the customization can be as personal as you want it to be.

Personalized Coasters for Banquets

Whether it’s a banquet for your company, your softball league, your child’s class at school, a club or any other event, banquets are another popular event for decorative coasters. The personalization will vary depending on the event, but here are a few common ideas to help you start brainstorming.

An end-of-the-year banquet for your child’s class or club is a great opportunity for custom coasters. Consider personalizing coasters with milestones from the school year or season, thank sponsors and teachers or utilize class or club superlatives.

For a company banquet, depending on the theme or reason for the banquet, you could similarly utilize personalized coasters to share facts about the company’s performance, recognize specific employees, or something a little more fun, depending on the banquet and guests.

For a sports team or league, either for you or your children, you can use custom coasters to recognize players, draw attention to different season highlights such as the team with the most wins, or scores per game, or any other relevant highlights.

Personalized Coasters for Events and Parties

Personalized Birthday Party Coasters

Personalized birthday party coasters can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on the birthday person and the theme or style of the birthday party. Consider personalizing coasters with the birthday person’s favorite memory from each year of their life. a task that might be a little easier for birthday parties honoring younger people. However, adding favorite memories to coasters is something that can be done for birthdays of all ages. You could also consider personalizing coasters to match the theme of the birthday party or with fun facts about the birthday person.
Personalized Graduation Coasters

Personalized coasters are a great addition to graduation parties. Whether the party is celebrating one graduate in particular or a bunch of graduates, personalized coasters can be used to share facts about the graduate(s), favorite memories from their years at school or well wishes from friends and family. For a high school graduation, consider customizing coasters to reflect at which college or university the graduate(s) will be continuing their studies.
Personalized Baby Shower Coasters
Personalized coasters for baby showers can be incorporated in a number of ways. Many traditional baby shower games can utilize coasters. Having personalized coasters printed with blank lines allows guests to write down their guess for the baby’s birth weight, birth date, birth time, or answers to any other common baby shower game. You could even solicit baby name suggestions, or use the blank space to allow guests to pass on words of advice to the new parents.

If you’ve chosen to reveal the sex of the baby at the shower, you could also have guests write down their guess, or have other coasters printed that they can pick from based on their guess for what the baby will be. Or, again, you could personalize your coasters to match the theme of the party or the parents.

Personalized Coasters for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a great event to incorporate personalized coasters. Customize coasters with important dates or events in American history for an educational twist or use patriotic phrases instead. Use the coasters share trivia or encourage games, like a scavenger hunt that requires guests to work together using the information on their coasters. Your personalized coasters are sure to be a National Treasure, or, at least, the hit of your party.

Personalized Halloween Coasters

There are a lot of ways you can customize coasters for Halloween parties. Consider personalizing a batch of coasters with quotes from your favorite scary movies or print famous monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein on them and encourage their guests to do impressions of the monsters.

Personalized Thanksgiving Coasters

There are a few ways you can utilize customized coasters for Thanksgiving. Before the event, ask your attendees (family members, friends, neighbors) one thing they’re thankful for this year. Then have your party coasters customized with their answers. You could also consider having coasters customized with facts about the history of Thanksgiving to share with your guests.

Personalized New Year’s Eve Coasters

To personalize coasters for a New Year’s Eve party, solicit resolutions from your guests or have a variety of coasters printed with common New Year’s resolutions: getting organized, exercising more, reading more, eating healthily, saving money, taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill, to name a few. Guests can choose a coaster that matches their own personal resolutions, or pledge to add the new resolution to their list. The coasters can act as an icebreaker to help your guests get to know each other better—and guests might even find an accountability buddy to help them see their new resolution through.

Personalized Coasters for Sporting Events

Personalized coasters are a fun way to add some fun for your guests when hosting a watch party for a game. Have coasters made to allow party goers to show support for their team or their favorite player. Include highlights or trivia about the team’s season. You could incorporate a reward system by awarding guests a prize if something printed on their coaster, like a certain number of points scored by a player, happens during the game.

Personalized Coasters for Watch Parties

If you’re having a bunch of people over to watch something other than the big game, there’s still an opportunity to use personalized coasters. If you’re getting together to watch the finale of a reality competition, consider using personalized coasters to encourage guests to cast their vote for who they want to win. If it’s a movie or show marathon or an awards show, consider personalizing coasters based on the show, movies or award nominees.

These are just a few of the ways you can use personalized coasters to add a little something special to your next event or party. With a variety of customization options, your possibilities for personalization are nearly limitless!