Who We Are and How It All Started


While the business of printing itself is still choking on the trail of dust left by the fast-forward digital age, in the last four years, Sleeve a Message has made digital printing a viable strategy in a world dominated by social media.

Based in Saint Louis, MO, Sleeve a Message has developed an up-to-the-minute printing process that enables coffee retailers to keep their beverage sleeve messages timely and relevant. Sleeve a Message founder, David Dresner, said his inspiration for the company came from his childhood. “I was ten. I was at a hotel in California on vacation and we had ordered Chinese food,” said Dresner. “We had coffee cups on the table and I was wondering why not put fortunes on the sleeve?” The idea stuck with Dresner, and after studying the infamous and archaic newsvendor dilemma during his academic career, he learned just what it would take to make a disposable drink sleeve capable of relaying updated messages. Born out of a Saint Louis basement, Dresner’s custom coffee sleeve printer, “Rumple Sleeve Skin,” grew the business to more than 100 client relationships throughout North America within the first year.

Today, Sleeve a Message’s patented sleeve design and unique printing process enables coffee shops to keep their coffee sleeve messaging personal, timely, relevant and new. Unlike most printing services, Sleeve a Message has no ordering minimum and has reduced the industry standard lead time of four weeks to only seven business days! Also, Sleeve a Message’s variable printing allows coffee shops to make every sleeve different. Instead of having the same static images on every coffee sleeve, variable printed messages are more engaging and encourage customers to take notice of their sleeves. This keeps consumers curious to see what their sleeve will say next and allows drink retailers to promote a variety of messages simultaneously.

For more information on custom coffee sleeve printing or the variety of promotional products that Sleeve a Message offers, call 1-877-SLEEVE6 to speak with one of their experienced publishers.