Best Ideas for Coffee Clutch Marketing


Coffee clutch marketing is a fun and innovative way to communicate with a target audience. Placing an advertisement in a unique location such as the outside of a cup sleeve automatically draws attention to it when compared to traditional forms of advertisement. There are many different ways to create new and inspiring coffee clutch advertisements and many companies are already taking advantage of the opportunity and innovating with their own designs. There are certain formats which can be used by many different companies without becoming repetitive. Here are some of the best ideas for coffee clutch marketing for any company looking for a new and exciting marketing campaign.

Using pictures in coffee clutch marketing can be one of the most impressive and effective uses of the coffee sleeve. Images are one of the most eye catching forms of media and choosing the right one to place on the outside of a coffee clutch can draw new customers to any business. Regardless of whether they immediately choose to shop with the brand, it will increase brand awareness and cause the potential for exponential growth via word of mouth. The right image on a coffee clutch is able to jump start any advertising campaign.

A catchy slogan is another effective use for a coffee clutch in order to reach out to new customers and create intrigue around a certain brand or product. Short and interesting quotes or phrases can be the most effective versions of this idea because they naturally get caught in people’s minds. By instilling the idea of a business into the mind of a prospective customer companies are able to drive further research and traffic to a website with all the information regarding their products and services. One interested person could easily become a loyal customer or client with the right slogan.

Displaying a short, but intriguing, story on the outside of a coffee clutch is another way that people can be reached via alternative advertising models. Creating a compelling narrative can be one of the most gripping ways to hook new customers who are interested in the message of a company. It is important to keep the story short in order to not cause those who purchase the coffee to simply disregard the wall of text sitting on the outside of their coffee clutch. With the right combination of detail and brevity companies can grab the attention of new customers and help convert them into long term partners.