Washington University in St. Louis: A Sleeve Study

Sleeve A Message

We began integrating our sleeves and services at Washington University’s 8 cafes with a weekly circulation of 9000 sleeves. Our medium of communication was quickly understood.

Dining Services and University organizations found sleeve messaging to be an effective medium. In one campaign, Dining Services sought to promote a new café and issued coupons on the sleeves at an already established café in the library. The campaign resulted in a redemption rate of 7%.

University officials appreciate the custom approval process that Sleeve A Message implemented in conjunction with Dining Services and the Office of Student Life to ensure that only appropriate content is published. The ability to sequence the sleeves allows multiple university groups to promote at the same time and prevents scheduling conflicts, unlike other static media such as table tents.

“It helps students promote events and means we don’t print additional paper, so I se it as a plus for the environment and a plus for awareness. It’s working well for us.” –Paul Schimmele, Asst. Director of Operations, Washington University in St. Louis

“It’s exciting to have a new means of communicating broadly on campus. Working with the Sleeve a Message team is fun, productive, and has shown measurable results on new promotions on campus. The students immediately jumped on board with this new medium giving Dining Services a new way to connect to student groups through their everyday cup of joe. Using the sleeves for messages aligns with our sustainability initiatives since we’re reducing the number of paper flyers by using a product we already buy for an additional purpose.”

–Jill Duncan, Marketing Director, Dining Services, Bon Appetit