Custom Coasters Take Summer Beer Festivals To The Next Level


There’s something about warm summer months that makes a cold beer outside taste so much better. That’s why there is no better time than summer to enjoy regional beer festivals. With thousands of beer geeks planning trips all across the country, beer festivals are the perfect place to employ creative, custom coasters. Aside from advertising the festival and its participating breweries, these coasters hold the opportunity to take your beer festival to the next level.


Check out some of the creative ways festivals can use our coasters.



Tasting Notes

As festival-goers visit each brewery’s tent, sampling more and more unique brews, they may begin to lose track of the beers they’ve already tasted and enjoyed. Luckily, the pocket-sized festival coaster travels everywhere with the festival goer, making it the ideal place for jotting down your thoughts. Variable printing allows for a festival logo on one side of the coaster while offering the perfect place for tasting notes so participants can keep track of their favorites.


Best Beer Voting

Sure, festivals are all about having fun, but there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition. Take advantage of double-sided custom coasters to create an easy way for festival goers to vote for their favorite beers. Encourage festival goers to rank their top three beers throughout the day and collect the results to crowdsource a champion brewmaster.


Effective Co-Branding

These days it can be a bit tricky to get your brand recognized in a large marketplace, especially in a field growing as quickly as craft beer. Strategic co-branding at large scale events is the perfect way to boost brand awareness, grow your business, and ultimately enter new markets. By co-branding with event sponsors of large summer beer festivals, you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to partner with established sponsors and expose your brand to a new audience.



Pre-Festival Advertising

If custom coasters aren’t your first choice for beer accessories during the festival, remember that coasters can be used as the perfect vehicle for advertising leading up to the event. In the weeks prior to your event, integrating coasters with festival information into local bars and restaurants is a great way to advertise to a diverse group of fans.


Set your beer festival apart from the rest by making the experience more user-friendly than ever. With variable printing and the ability to order quantities of any size, we’ll help you create coasters that will give your festival goers something to remember. Want to get started? Check out our design services to make your own custom coaster today.