Summertime Sleeves Are The Best Way To Beat The Heat


Hot weather means it’s time for cold beverages. While beverage sleeves are a staple for hot drinks, they’re just as fitting for cool summer drinks. Instead of protecting your customers from the heat of your drinks, summertime sleeves can stop your drink from sweating even on the hottest days.


In the heat of June, hot coffee can be a hard sell, thus most customers are inclined to go with an iced coffee, cold brew, and any of the cold beverages you offer. While the cool flavors may hit the spot, no one is interested in carting around a dripping drink all afternoon. Pop a custom sleeve on your plastic iced cups to keep your branding consistent and your customers happy.


Not a coffee drinker? No problem. If you’re a microbrewery or bar who’s looking for a unique way to spread brand awareness, custom sleeves are the perfect way to showcase your brand while keeping your customer’s hands dry.


Instead of spending all that money on custom printed pint glasses that are likely to get broken or stolen try putting a sleeve on each of your pint glasses. Our flexible printing allows for updated content on a regular basis and won’t break your budget.


No matter how you’re using sleeves this summer, keep things custom. With a help from our design studio or your own artistic vision, you can draw inspiration from the warmest part of the year to create colorful, exciting designs that will make your sleeves stand out. This summer, don’t just limit your shopping list to shorts and sandals. Add custom beverage sleeves to keep drinks cold and dry and customers happy all summer long.