Custom Sleeves for Universities


As students enjoy time off with their families, summer doubles as the perfect time for university dining to begin planning for the upcoming school year. The start of summer is ideal for researching new opportunities for enhancing students’ dining and college experience in the fall semester and beyond.


When fall rolls around, incoming freshmen will begin to get their first taste of college life and returning students will be shifting back into their campus routines. These first few weeks of the semester are a crucial time to establish a positive and involved relationship with the student body. With the academic workload being less rigorous in early weeks of school, students are spending the majority of their time in dining halls and coffee shops as opposed to the library. As such, these places provide prime opportunities to engage students in groups and deliver messages to areas with high traffic and visibility.


Many colleges rely on archaic tactics such as posting fliers on an overcrowded cork board or passing out bulletins manually. These strategies are often overlooked by a large portion of the intended audience and don’t render the desired result. Alternatively, messaging on custom beverage sleeves offers the opportunity to put your message directly in the hands of your consumer and earn exposure all over campus.


Additionally, custom sleeves help students form valuable and trusting relationships with dining services by allowing students and student groups to advertise on half of the sleeve.


Below are some examples of what students groups are messaging across the campuses currently using our Sleeve U program.

– Enrollment dates for campus clubs
– Meetings for various college interest groups
– Open houses and family events
– Sorority and fraternity pledge drives
– Upcoming concerts, theater plays, and art exhibits
– Food drives and fundraisers
– Sporting events, pep rallies, and tryouts
– Lectures, readings, and social gatherings
– Opportunities such as research grants, workshops, and job fairs

Our variable printing allows for multiple student groups to message within a single case making it easy for any dining service provider to interact with a variety of groups throughout the school year.

For more information about variable printing on custom sleeves, visit We’ll be glad to help you liven up your school’s cafe.