50 for $50: The Hottest Deal Of The Summer


At Coast a Message, we are aware that each of our customer’s needs are going to be unique. With that said we understand that not every customer is looking for 1,000 coasters every time they order. That’s why we offer short-run printing at a special price of 50 coasters for just $50. The perfect size for any of the below occasions.

Housewarming Gifts
A set of personalized coasters is the perfect gift for your next friend’s housewarming party. Include monograms, inside jokes, or hilarious memories that hold a personal or sentimental value. You can print your friend or loved one’s favorite catchphrases, song lyrics, or quotes from their favorite philosophers. Do everyone a favor and print their wifi password so you don’t have to ask them every time you visit.

College Send-Off Parties
High school graduates are hosting end of summer sendoff parties and what better way to add a personal touch than with themed coasters. One side of the coaster offers an excellent canvas for the new school logo, mascot or graduation year, while the other side can be left blank for guests to write words of advice and encouragement.

Retirement Parties
This is yet another opportunity to provide the recipient with a practical gift to remind them of how much they are appreciated. On the front a simple message thanking the retiree for their years of hard work and wishing them well in their future will give a personal touch. On the flip side, consider emblazoning the coasters with a ceremonial message commemorating the date of their retirement and the company logo.

A nice extra touch at any wedding would be to have custom coasters at everyone’s place setting. Since you’re buying them fifty at a time, you can easily match the number of RSVP’s. Whether bearing the name of the bride and groom, the new monogram, the date, or poetic quotes about love your quests are sure to love this addition to an already beautiful table setting. Not to mention how cute these look in wedding scrapbooks!

Birthday Milestones
Is your mom or dad reaching a birthday milestone? Why not celebrate the accomplishment with some custom coasters to remind them how many years young they are. Skip the lawn decorations and go for a more discreet celebration of age.

For more information on our 50 coasters for $50 deal, please visit us here, or call us at 1-877-SLEEVE-6. We offer seven (7) day turnaround and shipping is included.