Major Brands Turn to Variable Printing


In today’s crowded marketplace big brands are being forced to market in ever-more creative ways in order to stand out from the rest of the pack. It’s no longer acceptable to stand behind an iconic brand name. Consumers are demanding personalized, hyper-local campaigns. In response to these demands big brands have turned to variable printing. Whether you’re commuting to work, watching your favorite show, or grabbing a bite to eat it’s impossible to avoid the variable marketing campaigns run by some of today’s largest brand names.

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke With ___” campaign has landed its products on the sides of buses, billboards, and across social media platforms across the globe. Companies like Pepsi and Snickers have followed suite with campaigns aimed at attracting younger audiences with a variety of emoji printed cans and bottles as well as a mix of funny captions on their wrappers.

Massive marketing campaigns, such as these, aim to personalize the customer experience and offer an opportunity not only to purchase a product, but to interact with a brand. Whether it’s a can of Coke or Pepsi, a snickers wrapper or a Chipotle cup, the one common theme between each campaign is variable messaging.

Beyond the quality of their products, there is a reason that companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Snickers, and Chipotle have remained at the forefront of their respective markets for so long. A larger portion of their success can be attributed to their adaptive marketing and their ability to recognize when certain trends are applicable to their audience. Luckily, these wildly successful campaigns are not restricted to the marketing teams of internationally recognized brands.

Now is the ideal time for smaller businesses to follow the lead and employ variable marketing campaigns to interact with their customers. Whether your sleeves aim to educate the consumer, generate a thought provoking conversation or simply make someone laugh, do it with variable printing to ensure your campaign is a success.

At Sleeve A Message we understand the value of variable printing for all of our customers. The trend of variable marketing is impossible to ignore and our variable printing offerings allow you to take full advantage. With no minimum or maximum order, your creativity and imagination are limitless. For more information about variable printing on custom coasters and beverage sleeves, visit, or call us at 1-877-SLEEVE-6.