SleeveaMessage’s Patented Sleeve Design


SleeveaMessage’s patented sleeve design allows coffee shops to seamlessly brand both sides of their custom sleeves. Traditional coffee sleeves have an interrupting seam on one side of the sleeve­ often causing the branding on this side of the sleeve to appear disjointed and sloppy. With Sleeve a Message’s patented sleeve design both sides of the sleeve are seamlessly fused allowing coffee shops to brand on both sides of their custom sleeves without interruption.

At Sleeve a Message there is NO ordering minimum. The unique printing process allows for just a seven business day lead time on all custom beverage sleeves. With no minimum order requirement and a fast lead-time coffee retailers can ditch the boring static images for fresh relevant messaging. Having difficulty deciding what images to put on your custom coffee sleeves? SleeveaMessage’s team of talented design staff is here to help! Whether you are looking for a new coffee sleeve logo, creative coffee quotes, or expanded brand recognition SaM’s creative team is well versed at dreaming up fresh relevant images that keep your customers engaged. With Sleeve a Message’s creative staff and full color, monotone, or black and white printing, coffee shops can keep their custom sleeves as fresh as their coffee!   If you have something to say, put it on a sleeve today! For more information about SleeveaMessage’s custom coffee sleeves call 1 (877) SLEEVE 6