Relevant Messages – Captive and Flexible – Variable Messaging – Target Valuable Consumers


Are your coffee sleeves making the impact you want? Frustrated by large minimum orders? Tired of storing excessive amounts of coffee sleeves?
Sleeve a Message has developed a unique up-to-the minute printing process that enables coffee shops to keep their drink sleeve messaging timely and relevant. Unlike most printing services, SleeveaMessage has no ordering minimum and has reduced the industry standard four-week lead-time down to only seven-days!
But SleeveaMessage does not stop there! With variable printing Sleeve a Message allows coffee shops to make every sleeve different. Instead of having the same static images on every coffee sleeve, variable printed messages are more engaging and encourage customers to take notice of their sleeves. This keeps consumers curious to see what their sleeve will say next and allows you to promote a variety of messages simultaneously.
On average, coffee drinkers spend 49 minutes with their drink. Due to the duration of time coffee sleeves are visible SleeveaMessage can guarantee that the printed message will be seen by up to 6 individuals, 65% of which will recall the message up to 24 hours later. Having such an impact on coffee shop goers makes sleeves the perfect medium for branding and to promote the variety of products that your coffee shop has to offer.