St. Louis Based Sleeve a Message, Publishes Infographic Highlighting Partnership with The Forest Releaf of Missouri and Sustainable Coffee Sleeves


Sleeve a Message, a St. Louis based manufacturer of environmentally sustainable coffee sleeves and other restaurant supply products, has published an infographic highlighting the company’s partnership with the Forest Releaf of Missouri.

Sleeve a Message, a leading manufacturer and distributor of customizable coffee sleeves and restaurant supplies, has published a new infographic outlining the strong partnership with the Forest Releaf of Missouri. Committed to global sustainability, Sleeve a Message produces coffee sleeves with 90% post consumer material, is 100% recyclable, printed with water-based ink and it 100% compostable. One tree can produce up to 7000 individual coffee Sleeve a Message sleeves.

The infographic also highlights several important tree facts. Homeowners can save from 20% up to 50% on their heating and air-conditioning bills, when they have trees around their home. Trees increase property values an average of up to 20%. Every dollar that is invested in tree care, 3 times that amount is returned in the benefits of trees. Shade provided by trees over residential trees leads to better performance of asphalt.

Through purchase of bare root seedlings for the Forest Releaf of Missouri (FRM), Sleeve a Message then incubates the trees for two to five years. Community members can apply to adopt and plant the trees. Since 1994, the FRM has distributed 33,000 trees to St. Louis community members. Incubated trees have an average 90% survival success rate.

About Sleeve a Message: Sleeve a Message provides clients with a “one-stop shop” experience, offering the coffee world not only high-quality quick, custom, sustainable coffee sleeves, beverage sleeves and café supplies, but also design galleries from which to build inspiration. With a simple click, desired coffee sleeve designs and customized orders can be placed and shipped with a timely delivery and no minimum order.

Visit Sleeve a Message at or call at 1-877-SLEEVE6.

About the Forest Releaf of Missouri (FRM):

The Forest ReLeaf of Missouri was founded in 1993 as the local response to Global ReLeaf an international project of American Forests to increase tree planting. Today, the Forest ReLeaf is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring volunteer efforts in planning and caring for our trees and forests, particularly those in our cities and towns.

The FRM’s mission is to provide trees for public and nonprofit plantings and present educational programs to increase stewardship of the trees and forests in Missouri and surrounding regions. Ultimately, the vision is a region of healthy community trees and forests sustained by volunteer efforts and continued partnership with the public and private sectors.

In support of this mission and vision, the Forest ReLeaf is committed to the following organizational goals: to raise public awareness of the need for and benefits of community trees; to facilitate community dialogue and action based upon best practices in the field of forestry; to increase tree planting involving public and private organizations and individuals; to improve community trees and forests by promoting their proper establishment, placement and diversity; to address forestry objectives identified through important partnerships, including the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Community Forestry Council.

For more information on the Forest Releaf of Missouri, please visit the website at

Sleeve a Message Partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri

Sleeve a Message Partnership with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri